Our office, lab and production facilities in the Industrial Area of Tripolis. Built in 2009 with the help of the talented I. Kalantonis and Architect's team!
Inside view of our office space in our Headquarters in Tripolis/Greece. Our favorite meeting table in a rare moment of peace!
Green Laser setup for the quality control of silicon and quartz wafers. Substrates and Coating processes are checked for possible defects before entering Laser Exposure Systems.
Data representing geometries for Optical Storage (Critical Dimention 130nm/FWHM), manufactured on a custom developed resists - as seen from a Scanning Electron Microscope
A Sequence of 90nm (FWHM) dots, manufactured on a custom developed resists - as seen from a Scanning Electron Microscope
Our Lab and Production Floor, Laser Processing Class 1000 Clean Room appearing on the right
Custom Electronics Design for High End and Mission Specific Applications
Opticon's stand at the Kick off Meeting for the new European Programme for Research and Innovation “Horizon 2020”, under the auspices of the the Presidency of the Hellenic Republic. January 10th, 2014 “DEMOKRITOS” National Centre for Scientific Research
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Laser Processing in Space

08 Feb 2023 / in News

The case of project ULTRA Project ULTRA goal is to develop a Laser Ablation Propulsion (LAP) engine for miniaturized satellites with form factor of 10cm cube multiples. A class of satellites best known as ‘CubeSats’. Laser Ablation Propulsion (LAP) has been proposed as a satellite propulsion technique since the 1970’s, with primer focus on its […]

IOLAS undergoes technical feasibility

12 Feb 2021 / in News

using nanopaterning techniques for advanced indoor lighting applications In the next 30 years (up to 2050), the number of people expected to be living in cities will almost double and indoor living/artificial lighting will need to carry comfort and well-being properties. Re-inventing indoor lighting is not a life-style priority, but a true global-scale social necessity […]

EU Co-funded project ‘nanos’

01 Jun 2020 / in News

CW lasers can be a viable alternative to ultra-fast lasers in deep sub-micron 3D nano-scale manufacturing

We Are Hiring!

22 Feb 2019 / in News

Organic Electronics Design and Optimization Engineer

European Commission Honors Opticon with ‘Seal of Excellence’

02 Mar 2016 / in News

Innovative idea in combining laser lithography and OLED technologies gets Opticon the highly regarded ‘Seal of Excellence’  of the European Commission for Excellence, Impact, Quality and Efficiency of Implementation

Advanced Lithography Conference in Silicon Valley

12 Feb 2016 / in News

Meet us at SPIE Advanced Lithography Conference in San Jose/CA and learn more about Opticon’s enabling technologies on CW laser paterning in the 30nm regime and beyond.

Oral Presentation @ MNE2015

22 Sep 2015 / in News

Early findings (2010) of our work go public. Presenting: ‘Multiphoton Laser Ablation Lithography (MP-LAL) using 375 nm Continuous Wave Lasers, Enabling Patterning down to the 30 nm Regime and beyond’ at MNE2015 Hauge/The Netherlands.

Conference Presentation

25 Jun 2015 / in News

Early findings (2010) of our work on sub-100nm laser lithography, get an oral presentation approval for the 41st Micro and Nano Engineering Conference (MNE2015) taking place at 21-24 of September at The Hauge/The Netherlands.

Industry – Academia Collaboration

28 May 2015 / in News

Opticon Lectures on ‘Advancing state-of-the-art in Laser Lithography, Added-value services and products in Greece – The experience of Opticon ABEE’ at the Department of Materials Science/University of Patras

Laser Lithography Equipment

10 Sep 2014 / in News

Opticon announces the installation and successful operation of the first, fully in-house made laser lithography tool, capable of creating features with critical dimension <100nm. Using company’s own Thin Film Laser Processing technology, Opticon pushes laser lithography limits well within e-beam territory.